Daily on the rails with the steam train at the gates of Dresden

We kidnap you to a journey full of nostalgia and romance with the steam train “Lößnitzgrundbahn“.

As fourth Saxon narrow gauge railway Lößnitzgrundbahn started services in 1884 and steams since then between Radebeul, Moritzburg and Radeburg. On a distance of 16,55 km Lößnitzgrundbahn passes eleven stations and 17 bridges. The train starts near the gates of Dresden in Radebeul, passes vineyards, meanders the picturesque Lößnitzgrund area and finally reaches Moritzburg with its forests and ponds.

Impressively it crosses the pond  “Dippelsdorfer Teich“ crossing a 210 m long dam. Moritzburg lays half way from the final ending place Radeburg which is attained passing various iconic villages.

All the year around  there are special excursions which at times use steam trains and wagons from around 1900.  

Moritzburg – Radebeul Ost / Moritzburg – Radeburg
Return journey 12,40 €/Adult
  6,20 €/Children
Family day pass: 26,00 € (2 adults, 1 – 4 children)