Pheasant House Moritzburg

The Little Pheasant Castle was constructed by Friedrich August III. was meant to be place for the reigning family. As young Elector he had his refuge built at the big pond “Bärnsdorfer Großteich“ with an ingenious design. Because of the surrounding pheasant garden it was later called Little Pheasant Garden.

Pheasants used to be wild species in all of Europe's forests during the 18th century, but was already selected as “very beautiful and delicious venison“ and thus bred. Fastly the breeding of pheasants became more and more important and is since then considered a highly estimated delicacy at princely tables.

Closed in 1916, the pheasant house in Moritzburg was reopened in 2006. Moritzburg has resumed with the old tradition of breeding several types of pheasants. Popular feathers for the Little Pheasant Castle originate once again from here and pheasants breeding animal or delicacy can be send around the globe.

Guided Tours with a a pheasant hunter are possible all the year around. Breeding expert René Kreher expects you in a historic costume.